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I miss you guys!!!!!!

The Muggles are getting me down. :(

Very Cunning

My Mom showed me this today:
(Look at it carefully...)


I'm still on vacation, but now I'm in Boston! I'm visiting my best friend, Kelly,  at her sister's place here in the North End. We're having a fun and pretty relaxing time. This evening we had some of Tegan's (Kelly's sister) friends over for dinner and daiquiris. Tegan made a lovely potato stew and Kelly made cheese scones. I made some appetizers out of leftover pizza, but didn't get to eat much of it because I offered to hem Christine's pants instead. The stew and scones were really tasty, though, so it all turned out fine.
We don't have any big plans here, which is fine by me! Monday Kelly and I take the train down to New York to visit our friend Annie. Annie is a very good friend of ours from high school, and I haven't seen her in years, so I'm totally stoked about seeing her next week!
It will be nice, though, to get back to LA and sleep in my own bed again (couch-surfing is somewhat overrated...)


 I'm on vacation! It's so great to sit here and have nothing better to do than blog. ^__^

I'm visiting my Dad in Winston-Salem, NC, for Easter. Winston-Salem is home to a lot of Moravians and we're going to participate in some neat cultural activities tonight! Winston-Salem is known as the "Easter City" because they really get into Easter celebrations here (and there are  a LOT of churches!) The Moravians have a pretty interesting (kind of crazy) tradition for ringing in Easter. They get up in the middle of the night and groups of musicians wander the streets playing Easter music. They work their way to their cemetery (the one that goes with their church, where their friends and family are buried) and they time it so they arrive just before sunrise. Then they have a Sunrise Service in the cemetery and lo - it's Easter! Then everybody gathers at the church for an Epic Southern Breakfast. Dad says there will be biscuits and gravy that only Southerners can provide. I don't really care for biscuits and gravy, but I've never had real southern biscuits and gravy, so maybe I'll like it when it's done right!

I'm excited! I'll take pictures. ^_^

I Like Memes!

I surf the Spare Rooms

I have moved in and now have internet set up! Yay!
I am still in Long Beach, just living with uncle John now, instead of with the grandparents. It's very nice here - I'm glad to be back! (I lived hear for about 6 months a year ago.) Still, I'd really like to grow up and get my own place... Someday... *sigh*

Moving (again)

I hate moving.
This is the 4th time I've moved across Long Beach, and I have to say, it's getting old.


I'm stretching some of the holes in my ears just a TINY bit and it hurts! I didn't think the earrings I bought were much bigger than the boring old studs I've been wearing, but apparently they are! And even a slight stretch hurts a bit. :/

A Better Day

Today I did NOT punch my brother Chris in the face.
Our other brother, Matthew, is in town this weekend and texted me this morning saying he was going to come down and visit me in Long Beach after all. Then he said Chris was going to drive them both down and we'd hang out and stuff. I was a little apprehensive about it, but it turned out to be just fine and we all got along and had a good time. We went down to Trendy Second Street near Belmont Shores and had lunch, followed by frozen yogurt and walking on the Belmont Pier. Then we came back to my house and visited with the grandparents for a bit, then came up to my room and Chris cleaned out the virus(es?) that had seriously infected my computer last week. The three of us just hung out and chatted while Chris worked on the computer and I worked on the loom and it was actually very nice.
This week is already WAY better than last week!

Horem Padem

"Horem padem" is a czech film that loosely translates to "Up and Down".

I'm feeling better now, though a little embarrassed about my earlier post. I do think, however, that letting my rage out helped me move on a bit quicker, so I don't really regret it. I also really appreciate the support people left in the comments - sometimes I just need a hug.
I'm realizing how close to the surface my emotions are lately, and I'm sure it's due to stress. Back in September I fell into a chasm of situational depression, but managed to come back pretty well in October. I've had a lot of up and down since then, but the "downs" have been getting tougher again. I dread falling back into that chasm, and I feel like I'm always just barely holding it together. Little things make me more angry than they should, I feel like crying a lot, and I have trouble really believing that things will get better.
I know what these symptoms mean, and I am no stranger to emotional wellness through therapy. I guess I thought everything would be fine as soon as I got a job, and we've all been telling ourselves that the recession will end soon, but what if I don't find more work for another 6 months? Or a year? I'll crack way before then. I think maybe it's time I found a counselor in the Long Beach area.